Article 8.1: Information for Participants Only

Section 1: Information for Participants Only

Any listing filed with Stellar MLS shall not be made available to any broker or firm not a member of Stellar MLS without the prior written consent of the Listing Participant.

Article 8.2: "For Sale" Signs

Section 2: "For Sale" Signs

Only “For Sale” signs authorized by the Listing Participant may be placed on a property. If the Listing Participant authorizes any sign other than the company sign, this must be disclosed in the Realtor only Remarks section of the MLS data form.

Article 8.3: "Sold"/"Sale Pending" Signs

Section 3: "Sold"/"Sale Pending" Signs

Only Participants/ Subscribers who participated in the transaction as the Listing Participant or cooperating Participant may claim to have “sold” the property. Prior to closing a cooperating Participant may post a “sold” sign only with the consent of the Listing Participant.

Article 8.4: Solicitation of Listing Filed with Stellar MLS

Section 4: Solicitation of Listing Filed with Stellar MLS

Participants shall not solicit a listing on property filed with Stellar MLS unless such solicitation is consistent with Article 16 of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and its Standards of Practice. This section is intended to encourage owner(s) of record to permit their properties to be filed with Stellar MLS by protecting them from being solicited prior to expiration of the listing by Participants / Subscribers seeking the listing upon its expiration.

Article 8.5: On-Line Recruiting

Section 5: On-Line Recruiting

The Stellar MLS shall not be utilized for recruiting purposes. Messages, advertisements or e-mails indicating an offer of employment shall be deleted.

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